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Cadwell Park Information

Set in the Lincolnshire Wolds, this 'mini-Nurburemberg' is one of Britain's most picturesque and spectacular, but dangerous circuits. its climbs and decents combine demanding twisty woodland sections with long fast curves on the downland summit. For the most part the circuit is narrow, demanding inch perfect lines which Cadwells notorious bumps and jumps do their best to upset.

The Mountain is probably unique amongst the world's racetracks. So many bikes become airborne there that it seems almost unnecessary to surface the succeeding yards. Charlies is a fast, blind, double apex right-hander with mountainous bumps just where you need them least. The Gooseneck, where the track makes a twisting descent from the plateau, is almost as spectacular but infinitely more tricky. Meanwhile Chris Curve, just before Gooseneck sees the Super bikes accelerating hard on full lean for what seems like forever. Grip is generally good, although care should be exercised in damp conditions under trees in the Woodland section. For 1997, new tarmac was laid at the Club Circuit start/finish, and at portions of Charlies, Park, Mansfield and the Hairpin. For 2000 the dangerous Barn corner was reprofiled, ostensibly to make it safer. The result was a faster corner with no run-off which lowered lap times but also increased the odds of serious injury in the event of an accident. Gearing is straightforward on most bikes: gear for the top straight.
For the spectator there can be few more exhilarating prospects than a trip to Cadwell on a sunny day - not least because many of the roads leading there offer their own excitement. The track itself offers superb viewing, usually at close quarters. Recent years have brought a number of improvements in facilities, but a degree of self-sufficiency is still required. Thankfully scenic Cadwell is an ideal place for a picnic. Cadwell could be inline for some serious improvements if
the circuit is opened up to formula 3 racing  as Johnathan Palmer has already hinted so who knows?

2008 onwards will see some big improvements at Cadwell Park as Jonathan Palmer has also announced investment planned on the viewing area and restaurant facilities plus widening of the track.  

  Cadwell Park - Facilities

Food and Drink
Cadwell Park boasts a restaurant and a licensed bar in The Clubhouse. The food is ok and it's  fairly spacious too with a TV and lounge bar. Definitely a good place to head for when it's raining. The toilets at the clubhouse are the only ones suitable for ladies! 

Toilets are located in the Paddock and The Clubhouse. Around the circuit toilet facilities are located on the outside before Coppice, on the outside of Park Straight and between Mansfield and The Mountain.

Cadwell Park - Accommodation

Self Catering

  5 miles - All Seasons, 140 Eastgate, Louth LN11 9AA email


  Check out the directory at 

Local Shops

  Louth - Market Town 5 miles - Supermarket Somerfield on Eastgate and around 100 small shops from grocers, butchers etc. plus second hand and new motor cycle leathers from Vogue on Eastgate and plenty of fashion shops including Forbes. Range of standard retailers including Top Shop, Greenwoods, Milletts, Woolworths and Motor Shop Accessories and spares on Upgate - Automate

Petrol Stations

  Louth - Esso Garage on Newmarket (top of Church Street) and Texaco on Grimsby Road

Motor Bike Shops

  Louth - LMT   Sales and Service, Accessories and  MOT  - Warwick Road, Fairfield Industrial Estate, Louth. Tel. 01507 602900 or mobile 07932 106501

Automate (Louth) Ltd 

Car Accessories & Parts  

Upgate, Louth, Lincolnshire LN11 9ER 
Tel: 01507 603482  

Local Pubs

  Louth - Market Town 5 miles - has over 20 pubs including Woodman, Eastgate and Woolpack, Riverhead , Wheatsheaf on Westgate, Whyte Swan on Eastgate, Greyhound on Upgate and two night clubs - Samuels on Little Eastgate and Legends off Eastgate

  The Cellars - 01507 601219 ,   The Green Man - 01507 343282   Malt Shovel - 01507 608904   Three Horseshoes - 01507 343610 

        Great Parking at All Seasons - Self Catering Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire UK

Cadwell Park Track Louth Lincolnshire




All Seasons Holidays, 140 - 142 Eastgate, Louth, Lincolnshire, England, UK

  tel.01507 604470 

English Tourist Council   Lincolnshire Tourist Board Motor racing in Lincolnshire UK  crowds at Cadwell Park  trackdays at cadwell park

Lincolnshire - The perfect place to enjoy Motor Racing

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